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Profiles in Success

Unique individuals with a collective goal: your success!

Take a deep dive into the minds behind Alger’s strategies and thought leadership. Understand each investment professional’s specific journey to becoming part of the team. You can read about their background, accomplishments and proficiencies. This is your opportunity to get to know them on a personal level and learn who drives the investment excellence that defines Alger.​

Investment Professionals

Dan Chung's Photo

Dan Chung, CFA

“We care deeply about our employees, their families, our community, and of course our clients.”

- Dan Chung, CFA

Clerking for a Supreme Court justice may have launched a prolific law career, but Dan pivoted to investing and eventually became the head of Alger.

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Patrick Kelly's Photo

Patrick Kelly, CFA

“If you have a good process and good discipline, the score will take care of itself.”

- Patrick Kelly, CFA

Patrick successfully relates sports to investment management and strongly believes in an effective process and teamwork; after all, all great teams need to relentlessly focus on constant improvement.

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Matthew A. Weatherbie's Photo

Matthew A. Weatherbie, CFA

“I believe we have built an investment process that will endure for many years and through many market cycles.”

- Matthew A. Weatherbie, CFA

Over the course of his career, Matt has earned a reputation as an excellent evaluator and mentor for investment talent and a terrific growth investor.

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Ankur Crawford's Photo

Dr. Ankur Crawford

“For me, the idea of stagnating and not learning is terrifying.”

- Dr. Ankur Crawford

Fascinated with understanding how everything in our world is bonded together, materials science didn’t satiate Ankur’s quest for learning. Investment management does.

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Amy Zhang's Photo

Amy Zhang, CFA

“Asset management is a meritocracy and I am a competitive person.”

- Amy Zhang, CFA

From China to the U.S., Amy’s family mantra is women can do anything. She comes from a line of accomplished scientists and uses her analytical and research skills as an investor.

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Greg Adam's Photo

Gregory Adams, CFA

“Combining fundamental investing with a quantitative approach can be very fruitful.”

- Gregory Adams, CFA

Greg’s California upbringing and easygoing attitude have helped him maintain an even keel in investing, a business where he finds a lot of fire and ice.

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Brandon Geisler

Brandon Geisler

“The nice thing about growth investing is you are always asking what is possible and what is going to change the future.”

- Brandon Geisler

Brandon’s innate curiosity started when he was young and explored how cars worked. He now channels that same curiosity into investing.

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George Dai's Photo

H. George Dai, Ph.D.

“Investing is similar to pharma research. Both deal with fresh data every day.”

- H. George Dai, Ph.D.

On his way to becoming a research scientist, George discovered Peter Lynch’s “One Up on Wall Street” and switched to money management, where he enjoys solving problems and delivering value.

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Joshua Bennett's Photo

Joshua D. Bennett, CFA

“From the time I was a young kid, I’ve always had an engineering mindset. I love to figure out how things work.”

- Joshua D. Bennett, CFA

Josh’s passion for education has led him to guest lecture at his alma mater and become the chairman of the board of the school he attended.

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Daniel J. Brazeau's Photo

Daniel J. Brazeau, CFA

“The stock market provides a real-time scorecard; you always know if you are winning or losing.”

- Daniel J. Brazeau, CFA

Daniel has been investing since he was a teenager and uses his varied work experience in finance to understand the companies he examines.

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Sanjiv Talwar, M.D., Ph.D.

“Spending countless hours of deep focus on science and investing gives me great joy.”

- Sanjiv Talwar, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Talwar has spent his entire career focused on the intersection between science and innovation, and he believes he found his intellectual sweet spot in health care investing.

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Brad Neuman's Photo

Brad Neuman, CFA

“I like digging deep. I look at the market, economy, politics, demographics, sociology.”

- Brad Neuman, CFA

Brad always knew he was going to work in finance. Inspired by his mother, who traded commodities, Brad embraces multiple disciplines to teach others everything he knows.

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Kevin D. Collins' Photo

Kevin D. Collins, CFA

“If you get in on change early, that will create opportunities in any market and any environment. ”

- Kevin D. Collins, CFA

Alger is all about embracing change and for Kevin, waking up each day and looking for that change has always been energizing.

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Alan Kirby's Photo

Alan C. Kirby, CAIA

“I enjoy meeting people and hearing what they have to say. It’s a great job.”

- Alan C. Kirby, CAIA

Alan loves to travel—he’s an accomplished pilot himself—and he loves meeting with people and telling the Alger story.

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