Portfolio Manager Amy Zhang, CFA, spoke with The New York Times about how her fund is differentiated from its benchmark and its peers in this profile article.​

​In this Barron’s profile, Alger CEO/CIO Dan Chung, CFA, discusses Internet 3.0 and the impact of technological innovations happening outside of the tech sector.​

​Amy Zhang is sticking to her belief that the little guys can uproot the legacy players.  She knows, because she did it herself.​​

​Money Management Executive has announced that Alger Portfolio Manager Amy Zhang has been named as one of their ten winners of the Top Women in Asset Management. ​

​From eSports to self-driving cars to the adoption of machine learning, keeping up with radical technology shifts can be daunting for investors. Alger Technology Sector Analyst Ben Reynolds provides an update on these investing themes and discusses why he believes the better technology companies are making efforts to disrupt themselves.​​

​Whose advice should you trust? The advice you give yourself may be sound as long as you can distance yourself from your situation. This so-called self-distancing can enable you to make wiser decisions in both investing and life in general.​

​Increased confidence in Alger Small Cap Focus manager Amy Zhang and her supporting team and strong results since her 2015 start merit an upgrade in the fund’s Morningstar Analyst Rating to Silver from Bronze.

​"Amy Zhang has led a big turnaround at the Alger Small Cap Focus Fund by finding innovative companies." Portfolio Manager Amy Zhang is featured in MarketWatch.​

In a reversal of its multi-year decline, the yield for the 10-year Treasury bond has been rising significantly and recently broke out above its trendline. We believe this signals a major inflection in the bond market and the potential continuation of the underperformance of “bond-like equites.”​

​"Non-traditional companies and health care companies will have to work together."  In this Q&A, Alger Health Sciences Analyst Matthew Margolis discusses how rapid innovations and disruptions created by health care and technology partnerships are creating investment opportunities.

​Alger Capital Appreciation Fund, managed by Patrick Kelly, CFA, and Dr. Ankur Crawford, earned a Morningstar Analyst Bronze Rating as outlined in this timely reprint.

Client Investment Strategist Brad Neuman explores the advantages of high conviction portfolios and why they tend to outperform broader strategies.

​Alger Spectra Fund earned a Morningstar Analyst Bronze Rating from Morningstar’s Alec Lucas as discussed in this reprint.

​In this Barron’s profile, Portfolio Manager Amy Zhang, CFA, shares why she believes the most attractive small cap companies exhibit Positive Dynamic Change. Read the full feature to learn more about the philosophy behind the Alger Small Cap Focus strategy.

​The Senior Vice President, Portfolio Manager of Alger Small Cap Focus, Amy Zhang, discusses the importance of innovation for long-term growth with Morningstar's Alec Lucas.

​"We believe tech will be a big beneficiary of trends in the mobile internet, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and Big Data." Alger Spectra's Ankur Crawford and Patrick Kelly favor growth stocks undergoing a "Positive Dynamic Change" in this Investor's Business Daily article.

​As new ideas, products, or processes revolutionize the economy, destroying the old and creating the new, we believe our research can help answer one of the central questions of investing: who will win and who will lose? Alger Client Investment Strategist Brad Neuman attempts to answer this question in our latest white paper.

"We believe that most of investors should have a 10 to 20% allocation in small caps. But when you add up retail assets across all mutual funds, there's less than 10%. We believe investors may not be heeding the best long-term solution." In this recent MoneyLife interview Alger Client Investment Strategist Brad Neuman discusses why now may be a good time for investors to reconsider small caps for their portfolio.

​We find that the most innovative companies ultimately produce stronger fundamentals and stock returns. Alger Client Investment Strategist Brad Neuman highlights why we believe that innovation is an enduring force that holds the key to progress and investment performance in our latest white paper.​

"Innovation is alive and well and doing better than the official productivity statistics would have you believe." Alger Client Investment Strategist Brad Neuman highlights the implications of flawed economic data to investors in our latest white paper The Impact of Innovation Deflation.

Investors continually seek investment managers with potential to outperform. However, many managers struggle to explain why they believe their investing philosophies are superior, and many investors are not sure what drives outperformance. Alger’s philosophy of investing in Positive Dynamic Change is a unique and powerful combination of two variables we believe drive excess returns: skill and opportunity.