"We believe that most of investors should have a 10 to 20% allocation in small caps. But when you add up retail assets across all mutual funds, there's less than 10%. We believe investors may not be heeding the best long-term solution." In this recent MoneyLife interview Alger Client Investment Strategist Brad Neuman discusses why now may be a good time for investors to reconsider small caps for their portfolio.

​We find that the most innovative companies ultimately produce stronger fundamentals and stock returns. Alger Client Investment Strategist Brad Neuman highlights why we believe that innovation is an enduring force that holds the key to progress and investment performance in our latest white paper.​

​"Innovation is alive and well and doing better than the official productivity statistics would have you believe." Alger Client Investment Strategist Brad Neuman highlights the implications of flawed economic data to investors in our latest white paper The Impact of Innovation Deflation.​

Investors continually seek investment managers with potential to outperform. However, many managers struggle to explain why they believe their investing philosophies are superior, and many investors are not sure what drives outperformance. Alger’s philosophy of investing in Positive Dynamic Change is a unique and powerful combination of two variables we believe drive excess returns: skill and opportunity. ​

​We explain why we believe the dynamic changes occurring in emerging markets represent a compelling investment opportunity in this brochure. We believe it’s important to look at the significant growth experienced by emerging markets, as well as the expected future growth, to see the long-term potential for this asset class.​​

​Building a game plan for your financial future involves playing both offense and defense to help you achieve your long-term goals. ​

​In this video, Alger Client Investment Strategist Brad Neuman explains why we believe that European investors should diversify their portfolios with U.S. equities, and in particular, U.S. growth equities.​