​In our latest Market Update, Dan Chung and Brad Neuman discuss trends that have contributed to growth equities dramatically outperforming value stocks, including how valuation metrics have not kept up with changing business models; the new normal of slower global growth; and the accelerating rate of change.

​In this podcast, Alger Portfolio Manager Deborah A. Vélez Medenica, CFA, explains factors that have driven recent results and why emerging markets have potential for producing additional gains in the foreseeable future.     

​​"Technology is reshaping the economic, inflation and investment landscape, and driving price transparency." Portfolio Manager Patrick Kelly gives a strategy update and broader outlook for the markets.

​In this Q&A, Alger Health Sciences Portfolio Manager Teresa McRoberts explains why now is an exciting time for using an active portfolio management strategy for Health Care investing and why the sector offers compelling value.

​Weatherbie Capital, LLC has brought its flagship Weatherbie Specialized Growth Strategy to Alger. The strategy is a high conviction, high active share, focused portfolio of smaller cap companies.  In this podcast, we discuss the foundation and opportunity stocks that make up the Strategy.

​In this Market Update, we evaluate the underlying sector weightings in the S&P 500 and MSCI EAFE indices to explore valuation discrepancies. We also discuss why we believe the most innovative companies outperform over the long term.

In this commentary, Alger CEO and CIO Dan Chung and Alger Client Investment Strategist Brad Neuman explain how strengthening corporate fundamentals and economic growth have been supporting equity performance. They also identify factors that potentially may continue to drive equity gains. 

​In this commentary, Alger Small Cap Focus Strategy Portfolio Manager Amy Zhang provides an overview of 2016 and explains why this is an opportune time for using a research-driven strategy that invests in what we believe are exceptional small cap growth companies.​

​"ESG fits well with Alger in that companies embracing ESG tend to be more innovative and progressive."  In this podcast, Portfolio Managers Chris Walsh and Greg Adams discuss how Alger’s new ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) Strategy evolved from the Alger Green Strategy and their process for managing the portfolio.​

​Standing at the helm of the Alger Small Cap Focus strategy is Portfolio Manager Amy Zhang, whose long-term success investing in small cap stocks is getting noticed. Since taking over in February 2015, her distinctive approach has garnered praise from investment consultants and Morningstar. We asked Amy to explain her investment process and how the strategy stands apart from its peers.

​"At Alger, we view the recent U.S. presidential election as pro-business and see it as a positive for the economy and stocks."  In our latest commentary, CEO and Chief Investment Officer Dan Chung discusses why we believe the future may hold tremendous opportunity for businesses.​

​"In the first half of this year, we saw a stunning crowding effect in dividend-paying stocks, namely in telecoms, staples and utilities, which is artificially inflating prices and is primed to mean revert."  In this interview with Citywire Selector, Dan Chung discusses how valuations are unsustainable and Alger is positioning its long-only and long/short funds ahead of investor sentiment shifting towards consumer, technology and healthcare stocks.​

​"We remain bullish on the innovative engine that is driving many growth businesses. The good news is that we continue to see a tremendous amount of change in the markets and a significant amount of innovation and disruption of traditional businesses." Portfolio Manager Patrick Kelly gives a strategy update and broader outlook for the markets.​

​"In international markets, volatility is here to stay. And what you're going to find out, I think, is that volatility is a rebirth of active investing." The Alger Global Growth Strategy recently celebrated its third anniversary. Marking the occasion, Portfolio Managers Pedro Marcal and Deborah Vélez Medenica discuss recent market moves, their process in managing the strategy, and why they continue to have a very optimistic outlook for global investing.​

​"We're looking for exceptional small companies that, we believe, have the potential to come exceptional large companies over time."  In this replay of the conference call held on on Tuesday, June 8, 2016, Alger Small Cap Strategy Focus Portfolio Manager Amy Zhang shares her views on current trends and themes in emerging markets, and provides a portfolio update.​

​"I think we are seeing the end of the bond bull market. And what drives it, for equities, will be the return to fundamentals: fundamentals of the companies, fundamentals of the real consumer, and real underlying economies."  In this podcast, Alger CEO and Chief Investment Officer Dan Chung discusses global financial markets, how corporate and economic fundamentals remain reasonably strong, and why the Fed "no longer matters".​