Reframing Risk

​While we monitor statistically accepted metrics of risk such as downside capture, beta, and standard deviation, we believe they are an imperfect shorthand intended to capture fundamental risk. Read our thoughts in the latest edition of Capital Markets.   ​

Birthday Wishes

If the U.S. economic expansion continues past its birthday at the end of this quarter, it will be the longest ever at over 10 years old. However, investors are asking more frequently: will there be other birthdays to celebrate in this cycle? Read our thoughts in the latest edition of Capital Markets. ​

Earnings and GDP growth are unlikely to reach new heights this cycle, but does that mean the expansion is ending? We don't believe so. Read our latest edition of Capital Markets to find out why. ​

Longest Expansion

The current U.S. expansion cycle is over nine years old and if it persists past the second quarter of 2019, it will be the longest on record.  Will this expansion be record breaking? We think so. Director of Market Strategy Brad Neuman reviews key elements from Alger's The Longest Expansion presentation.​