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Since our founding in 1964, we have remained steadfast to our philosophy and proprietary, bottom-up fundamental research process. We believe these form the blueprint for our long-standing success.

Investment Philosophy

Investing in Positive Dynamic Change

We believe that companies undergoing Positive Dynamic Change offer the best investment opportunities for our clients. We define Positive Dynamic Change as companies experiencing high unit volume growth or companies undergoing positive life cycle changes.

Established A catalyst drives these companies to experience a “growth renaissance,” resulting in an improving earnings trajectory leading to multiple expansion. Positive Life Cycle Change• New management • Product innovation • M&A/Restructuring • New regulations Coming of Age These “traditional” growth companies have growing revenues, growing unit volume, increasing market share, and an expanding business. High Unit Volume Growth • Rapidly growing demand • Strong business model • Market dominance SELLSELLBUYBUY

Research Process

Gaining a 360° View of a Company

We build a differentiated perspective through targeted “outside-the-box” surveys to gain a 360˚ understanding of a company and its market position.

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Industry Executives Management Customers Competitors Partners/ Suppliers Proprietary Field Work

Scenario analysis with bear, base, and bull cases

Monitoring of risk/reward to size position

Addressable market and benchmarking analysis

Analysis of third-party data

Build detailed earnings and cash flow models

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Continuous Glucose Monitor Producer

  • Survey physicians to understand product uptake:
    • How many devices have you prescribed this year to date compare to last year?
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Accounting Software Provider

  • Audit competitor accounting software providers to understand the landscape and identify key advantages:
    • Which solution is gaining the most traction?
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Video Game Developer

  • Interview gamers to understand engagement and overall sentiment toward future games:
    • How has your weekly playing time changed compared to last year?
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Semiconductor Manufacturer

  • Interface with executives to understand their long-term strategic vision and drivers of the business:
    • What is the next major growth opportunity long-term and how are you positioned to meet demand?
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Fintech / Payment Company

  • Talk to consultants and executives at merchants to understand which payment systems are most desired by retailers and which are most utilized by consumers:
    • What is the merchant satisfaction with a particular payment solution?
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Proprietary Field Work

  • Conducting in-depth analysis to access primary information from industry sources
  • Establishing a global presence and intensive due diligence

In-person meetings

On-site visits to observe operations

Investment Team

Inculcating Analysts into the Alger Way

We have built an exceptional research team by combining: Seasoned Professionals, Industry Experts and Apprentices.

  • Those new to the industry begin as Research Associates. They learn Alger’s investment process by observing senior members of the investment team.
  • If they rise to become Associate Analysts, they learn the drivers of sectors, companies, and share prices. They also develop in-depth multi-scenario models.
  • As Analysts, they work independently and are treated as peers among other analysts.
  • The most successful and talented individuals become Senior Analysts, who have proven that they are the best in the business and have honed their ability to generate positive results for our clients.
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For 60 years, we've adhered to our unwavering philosophy, which has helped us identify compelling growth opportunities for our clients.

Dan Chung, CFA
Chief Executive Officer, Chief Investment Officer, Portfolio Manager

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Meet our talented team of Investment Professionals dedicated to serving your unique needs.