Alger Associates, Inc. (Alger) is pleased to announce that Weatherbie Capital, LLC (Weatherbie) has become a wholly owned subsidiary of Alger as of March 1, 2017.​
Weatherbie is a Boston-based investment advisor that takes a fundamental, bottom-up research approach to investing in growth equities, similar to Alger.  Weatherbie, founded in 1995 by Matthew Weatherbie, aims to identify and invest in attractive U.S. small- and mid-cap companies poised for growth.  The firm's flagship strategy, the Weatherbie Specialized Growth strategy, has, for its 20-plus years in existence, demonstrated a record of strong relative performance.

Weatherbie Capital Investment Philosophy
At our core, we are quality growth stock investors. Our investment philosophy, what we term the "Weatherbie Way," is based on investing in “Foundation” and “Opportunity” growth stocks. We believe by focusing our investments on Opportunity and Foundation growth stocks, we will capture earnings growth in two ways, adding incremental value.

Foundation growth stocks are equities of smaller growth companies that can demonstrate both strong earnings growth and high investment quality over time, and which are reasonably priced relative to their growth and quality. We refer to these companies as “Foundation” growth stocks because they are expected to consistently meet or exceed our forecasts. Typically they represent two-thirds of account assets.

Because we also believe that we should be positioned to take advantage of pricing distortions that arise when growth companies temporarily disappoint investors, our investment team also invests in "Opportunity" stocks. These are stocks of early but promising growth companies with short histories, and companies that we know very well where earnings have been temporarily depressed and where, we believe, change is under way which will reaccelerate earnings growth.  Typically, up to one-third of our portfolio will be invested in "Opportunity" stocks.

For those portfolios that employ shorting, our investment team looks for the best shorts of those companies experiencing deteriorating fundamentals due to intensifying competition, slowing revenue growth, pressured margins, shrinking cash flow or weakening balance sheets. We believe changes in fundamentals lead companies to fall short of consensus expectations, triggering price declines.

How to Access Weatherbie's Investment Expertise
Weatherbie strategies are available for institutional and individual investors. Institutional investors wishing to have Weatherbie manage money on their behalf in a separate account or as a sub-advisory relationship may receive further information here: 

Specialized Growth Strategy

Institutional investors, financial advisors, or individual investors wishing to access Weatherbie Capital’s expertise through a mutual fund may receive further information here: 

Weatherbie Specialized Growth Strategy
Weatherbie Enduring ​Growth Strategy
​​Alger Dynamic Opportunities Strategy
Alger Weatherbie Select 15​​