Podcast: Investing in Rapid Innovations

From eSports to self-driving cars to the adoption of machine learning, keeping up with radical technology shifts can be daunting for investors.

In this podcast, Alger Technology Sector Analyst ​Ben Reynolds provides an update on these investing themes and discusses why he believes the better technology companies are making efforts to disrupt themselves.

​​Key Points​​
  • eSports is likely at a nascent investing stage, but may see faster adoption than other technology innovations, such as virtual and augmented reality, which may take longer to monetize.​

  • The total eSports industry could generate $25-$50 billion in 10-15 years, compared to the current legacy sports industry at $150 billion.

  • Self-driving cars will likely gain widespread acceptance as “trust” fears diminish over time.

  • The dominant technology companies would rather invest in disrupting themselves than be disrupted by competitors.

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