The Biggest Balance Sheets​​​​

Central bank balance sheet expansion has had huge effects on economies and markets. Will they swell or decline in coming years and what does that mean for investors?​​
Massive Monetary Expansion Supporting Valuations​​​​​​​​

  • The balance sheets of the major developed central banks in the United States, European Union, Japan and England have swelled an unprecedented $8 trillion over the past year. This dramatic flood of money makes the $2 trillion expansion during the 2008 Global Financial Crisis look paltry.

  • While we believe multiple factors have driven equity P/E expansion, central bank balance sheet growth and its impact on liquidity and interest rates has played a significant role, in our view.

  • Fortunately for investors, central banks do not appear likely to tighten anytime soon, with Evercore ISI expecting a nearly $3 trillion expansion in global central bank balance sheets over the next year. We believe keeping the spigot of liquidity on should help support equity valuations.

The MSCI World Index is a market cap weighted stock market index of 1,603 stocks from companies throughout the world.

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