Digital Uprising ​
There has been a widespread shift from companies making physical investments to making digital investments, propelled further by the new work-from-home economy and the many changes it entails. What kind of companies stand to benefit from this evolution?​​​

The Digital Transformation Marches Onward​​​​​​

  • From 2015 through the middle of 2020, the proportion of digital investment has steadily climbed while physical investment has dwindled. Behind this divergence is increased business spending on research and development and enterprise software.

  • Potential beneficiaries include cybersecurity companies, software companies and cloud providers. Cloud-based cybersecurity solutions are in greater demand as Americans rely more heav​ily on digital interfaces for their work and home needs. Software systems that help businesses manage through critical events are also paramount now and may remain so going forward. Such a program can help keep track of employees, send alerts and automate various workflows. Software systems also facilitate telemedicine, which has gained enormously in popularity since the beginning of the crisis.

  • The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated innovation in digital transformation, coming to the aid of individuals and businesses in need of digital solutions, and we believe this trend will persist even after the pandemic is over.

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