HR Gets Connected
Cutting-edge human resources (HR) departments are seeking to provide more services and benefits to their employee base by utilizing new technologies. In particular, cloud computing allows HR departments to streamline their workflow and conduct business more effectively. Investors should look at the technology companies enabling these changes.​

Chart for companies using the cloud for HR 

  • There is good reason for HR to modernize and migrate to the cloud. HR functions typically entail highly fragmented processes and technologies, be they for recruiting, tracking employee status, position, compensation, benefits or even training. Seamlessly combining the data across all of these programs leads to efficiencies and better employee experiences (and presumably higher retention).

  • Fully digital and cloud-based architecture can provide a unified database and consistent inter​​face that is accessible across an organization’s users.

  • Despite the perception that large companies may be leading the software revolution in HR, in reality it is many small- to mid-sized companies that are creating innovative solutions. Additionally, smaller companies are capitalizing on niche opportunities that larger companies are slow or late to recognize, or simply don’t consider worthwhile as a business opportunity.

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