​Lasting Change​

​Now presenting Alg​er's Summer 2020 Capital Markets: Observations and Insights presentation, Lasting Change​. We hope you'll find the data and conclusions both informative and thought-provoking. 

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Lasting Change​ - Video - Part 1​​
The coronavirus has impacted all of our lives, created new behaviors, and shifted old patterns at work and home, some portion of which will last even after the virus recedes. As we show in the below video, we believe that many of these behavioral changes are investable, such as increased e-commerce, digital payments, and cloud computing driven by work and entertainment at home. ​​​

​ ​​Lasting Change​ - Video - Part 2​​
The pandemic has impacted us all and as a result it has changed the economic environment. We at Alger believe that understanding these shifts is important in identifying successful investments for the future. As we show in our Part 2 video below, we will detail how governments, companies and individuals are adapting to the change arising from this crisis. ​​​

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