Degrees of Debt
Now presenting Alger's Summer 2018 Capital Markets: Observations and Insights presentation, Degrees of Debt. We hope you'll find the data and conclusions both informative and thought-provoking.

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Degrees of Debt - the Video Series
Where are we in the cycle of debt expansion and contraction?  Hear from Client Investment Strategist Brad Neuman in a three-part video series reviewing key elements from the Degrees of Debt presentation. Brad discusses the idea that, while debt levels around the world remain high, debt service is generally quite manageable.
Part I - Degrees of Debt
In Part I, Brad Neuman discusses the fact that the fast pace of credit growth has driven global debt.
Part II - Fundamentals
In Part II, Brad Neuman discusses how we think business spending should accelerate and drive faster growth in the economy.

Part III - Valuations
In the third installment, Brad Neuman demonstrates how growth stocks remain attractive on a relative basis.
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