Cybersecurity to the Rescue​​​

​In the age of remote working, a cybersecurity program is more important than​ ever. Internet crime is one of the fastest growing security threats, providing a large and growing market for cybersecurity companies.​​​

  • In the three years prior to the pandemic, nearly 800 million sensitive records were exposed in the U.S., almost triple the number from a decade ago. However, the issue is even bigger now with remote workers accessing an increasing volume of sensitive material from multiple devices. The majority of companies surveyed by Cisco report a more than 25% increase in cyber threats since the pandemic. As a result, many companies plan to increase cybersecurity investment.

  • A cybersecurity program utilizes people, processes and technology to protect against risks. We believe the most promising solutions to protect critical data are those that leverage cloud computing to be scalable and agile. They can efficiently process massive amounts of data using machine learning and artificial intelligence, thus giving cybersecurity programs an edge.

  • The most successful security companies are those that offer a wide array of offerings by either developing their own products or acquiring other companies. The ability to consolidate several platforms with a single vendor is easier to manage, more cost effective and conducive to analyzing data.​

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