This Is Not Exuberance
Download Alger's Summer 2017 Capital Markets: Observations and Insights presentation:  This is Not Exuberance. We believe you'll find the data and conclusions both informative and thought-provoking. 

This Is Not Exuberance - the Video Series
Hear from Client Investment Strategist Brad Neuman in a three-part video series reviewing key elements from the This Is Not Exuberance presentation. Brad provides his thoughts on how fundamentals have driven stock prices in 2017, the resurgence in earnings growth, and the powerful long-term forces that are driving divergence between Growth and Value performance. 

Part I - Neuman's Notables
In Part I, Brad Neuman highlights that in our view, equity valuations, while higher than historical averages, do not preclude reasonable annual returns over the next decade that will likely handily beat fixed income.
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Part II - Fundamentals
In Part II, Brad Neuman outlines how fundamentals have taken center stage this year, which has been reflected in stock prices.

Part III - Valuation
In the final installment, Brad Neuman discusses how growth sectors are reasonably valued relative to other sectors, particularly given low levels of interest rates.