Learning the Alger Way

​We rely on our talented research professionals to execute our investment process with utmost discipline and precision.  Aiming to build the best research team possible is supremely important to Alger.  We seek a mix of newcomers, from those who arrive as blank slates to seasoned experts and previous practitioners, each with a passion for investment.  It is our research that has made Alger one of the most influential firms on Wall Street.  Join us by reviewing our programs listed below.​

Research Associate Program

The Research Associate (RA) program starts with a two-week intensive training course of financial accounting, modeling, and valuation. Subsequently, the RAs begin an exciting year-long rotational program with exposure to approximately four different sectors. This rotation allows the RAs to experience multiple industries and work with different senior analysts, further honing their analytic abilities. RAs work directly with senior analysts, portfolio managers, and the Chief Investment Officer versus working on larger teams. This direct exposure to top level management is rare in the investment community and current RAs thrive on the ability to be mentored by highly experienced investors. Following the rotational year, RAs will be assigned to permanent sectors with an opportunit​y to rise among the ranks of the investment team.

For consideration in our Research Associate Program, click here​​ to apply.

Undergraduate and Graduate Research Internship Program

Alger's Research Internship Program for Undergraduate and Graduate Students is an excellent opportunity to gain valuable experience and insight into the world of investment research. Alger offers both summer and winter internship programs, each lasting typically 8-10 weeks.  In that time, our interns become immersed in a program that works to showcase Alger's philosophy of bottom-up, fundamental research.  Interns work alongside our full-time staff of research professionals, observing and participating in real-world tasks that will provide invaluable experience for students who are highly motivated with a strong​ work ethic.

For consideration in our Undergraduate Program, ​click here​ to apply.

For consideration in our Graduate ​Program, ​click here​ to apply.