In this podcast, Portfolio Managers Chris Walsh and Greg Adams give a strategy update and discuss their process for managing the portfolio. Given the increasing demand for ESG strategies from investors, Chris and Greg explain how Alger’s new ESG Strategy evolved from the Alger Green Strategy, highlighting three key features of their portfolio construction process:
  • Broader Universe of Alger’s Best Ideas: By following an ESG mandate, the Alger Responsible Investing Strategy has a more diversified investment universe of opportunities, and the flexibility to capture a larger percentage of Alger analyst’s best ideas. 
  • Grounded in Positive Dynamic Change: The Strategy is grounded in Alger’s time-tested investment philosophy of Positive Dynamic Change and focus on innovation.  ESG is a natural fit with Alger’s philosophy as companies that embrace ESG tend to be more innovative and progressive.​
  • Deeper Security Analyses, Not Narrower:  The Strategy is not about negative screens or excluding sectors, or types of stocks like tobacco companies. Instead, the Strategy remains focused on Alger’s proprietary bottoms up research, and then takes security analysis a step further to include ESG factors.

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The views expressed are the views of Fred Alger Management, Inc. These views are subject to change at any time and should not be interpreted as a guarantee of the future performance of the markets, any security or any funds managed by Fred Alger Management, Inc. These views should not be considered a recommendation to purchase or sell securities. Individual securities or industries/sectors mentioned, if any, should be considered in the context of an overall portfolio and therefore reference to them should not be construed as a recommendation or offer to purchase or sell securities.

Investing in the stock market involves gains and losses and may not be suitable for all investors. Growth stocks tend to be more volatile than other stocks as the price of growth stocks tends to be higher in relation to their companies´ earnings and may be more sensitive to market, political and economic developments. There may be greater risk in investing in companies with small market capitalizations rather than larger, more established issuers owing to such factors as more limited product lines or financial resources or lack of management depth. It may also be difficult or impossible to liquidate a security position at a time and price acceptable to the Fund because of the potentially less frequent trading of stocks of smaller market capitalization.

The Fund's investment strategy consists of fundamental analysis combined with environmental sustainability analytic screens. In selecting stocks, Fred Alger Management, Inc. uses fundamental analysis to identify innovative and dynamic companies and uses screens that identify and rank stocks within an industry or sector based on several sustainability characteristics. The Fund can leverage, that is, borrow money to purchase additional securities. By borrowing money, the Fund has the potential to increase its returns if the increase in the value of the securities purchased exceeds the cost of borrowing, including interest paid on the money borrowed.
The Fund can invest in foreign securities.

Environmental, Social and/or Governance Sustainability-Related Securities Risk – the Fund's environmental, social and governance investment criteria may limit the number of investment opportunities available to the Fund, and as a result, at times the Fund's returns may be less than those of funds that are not subject to such special investment considerations. Moreover, companies that promote positive environmental, social and/or governance policies may not perform as well as companies that do not pursue such goals.
An investment in the Fund is not a deposit of a bank and is not insured or guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or any other government agency. 

As of 11/30/2016, the following companies represented the noted percentage of the Alger Responsible Investing Funds assets:  General Electric Company 1.39%.

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