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  Assessing the Impact of Declining Oil Prices on the Energy Sector


“The rapid change in oil prices is having far reaching consequences for the energy industry, while lower prices will likely drive U.S. economic growth.” In this article, Alger Energy Analyst Eric Richards weighs in on the current state of the energy industry and the potential impact on the economy.


Patrick Kelly, CFA has been managing both funds for 10 years—since 2004. Since then, the funds have demonstrated strong performance, driven by our consistent philosophy, proven process, and strong conviction ideas from our analyst team. Alger Spectra Fund is the #1 fund and both Spectra and Capital Appreciation Funds are in the Top 1% in the US Large Growth Fund Morningstar universe. Click here to see the flyer.

  Putting Energy Security Concerns in Perspective


In this Q&A, members of Alger’s energy sector team focus on the consequences for both the energy industry and U.S. economy of potential cuts to natural gas and oil production by foreign countries.

  Podcast: The Brazil Election with Carla Cantreva-Baessler


“Now that the elections are over, we believe investors will be able to focus on fundamentals.” Alger Emerging Markets Analyst Carla Cantreva-Baessler discusses the recent election in Brazil and the possible impact for investors.

  Cheerful Consumers Could Brighten Holiday Season


High levels of consumer confidence may result in strong sales for retailers, restaurants, cruise lines, casinos, and hotel chains. In our latest Q & A, consumer analysts Chris Walsh and Michael Melnyk discuss what investors might expect during this holiday season.

  Alger Market Insight: Fear of Growth Stocks Creates Buying Opportunities


“The great rotation back to equities is only barely beginning.” In our new Market Insight, Alger President and Chief Investment Officer Dan Chung discusses the current investing environment and how the market responds to “growth scares.”


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