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  Spectra Fund and Capital Appreciation 2Q15 Update


"We continue to see a tremendous amount of change in the markets and a significant amount of innovation and disruption of traditional businesses." Alger Spectra Fund and Capital Appreciation Fund Portfolio Manager Patrick Kelly gives his update and his broader view on the markets.

  The Potential for Active Management to Outperform


Brad Neuman Appears on a recent installment of "The Street." Please click on the title above for the link to the video.

  Alger Market Commentary: Skeptics Miss the Mark as Equities Rally


In this commentary, Alger CEO and CIO Dan Chung urges investors to maintain an optimistic view of equities. He explains that low interest rates, strengthening U.S. consumers, increasing use of the Internet, and other developments are likely to support equity gains this year.

  The Powerful Recovery in Non-Residential Construction Spending


"Our industry channel checks and homebuilder reports are showing solid consumer interest in housing." Alger Senior Industrials Analyst Alex Goldman discusses capital deployment, and the ongoing recovery in residential housing and non-residential construction.

  The Growing Tailwind for Active Managers


Many U.S. active equity managers have struggled during the past few years with market conditions that have made it difficult to outperform benchmarks. Yet, Alger believes that conditions for active management are improving and that portfolio managers will be more likely to outperform in the foreseeable future.

  Patrick Kelly profiled In Barron's Article


Patrick Kelly discusses his views on Alger’s process, his outlook on the U.S. markets, and his thoughts on some stocks in the portfolios.


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